Transition, environment, CSR

Support public and private organizations and governments in developing and implementing their strategy

The new challenges are unprecedented and require us, collectively, to identify responsible solutions

The new climatic, health, economic and human challenges are unprecedented and impose new challenges on all of us collectively. Almost never have organizations been so challenged as they are today, whatever their type or size: small businesses, multinationals, governments, international organizations, NGOs…

At Cayambe, we believe that these new challenges, far from hindering progress, present an opportunity to shape a future that is more responsible, humane, and accountable for its actions. As specialists in change and CSR, Cayambe’s experts provide strategic and operational support to public and private organizations, assisting them in succeeding with their CSR or transformation projects.

Developing and deploying CSR strategies


Cayambe experts support public and private organizations in defining and deploying their CSR strategy. They are involved both upstream (analysis of the sectoral, economic and legal environment), in the development of strategy, and downstream (deployment of strategy in organizations and implementation of management tools).

Supporting organizational change


Cayambe’s experts help organizations to manage change by intervening independently in a number of areas: management buy-in, team integration and the implementation of communication tools.

Training teams for change


Cayambe experts assist organizations in their transformation through the implementation of dedicated training programs encompassing the definition of needs, training engineering, training of trainers and performance management.

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