Public policy & governance

Supporting governments and operators in developing public policies

The effectiveness of Cayambe's missions to governments is based in particular on a perfect knowledge of the sectors and areas concerned and, above all, total independence

Expected by their populations or the international community, governments regularly deploy or modify their public policies in order to gain in efficiency, improve the services provided to users or implement large-scale projects (economy, industry, digital).

Many of Cayambe’s experts work with European and international governments on public policy development, performance assessment and management, public consultation and administrative innovation. The effectiveness of these missions relies in particular on perfect knowledge of the sectors and areas concerned, and above all total independence.

Public policy and governance


Plan, manage, evaluate and monitor effective public policies with shared objectives and reliable performance indicators.

Implementing reforms


Design and implement institutional, material and human resources to ensure the dissemination of best practices at central and regional levels, in liaison with the players involved.



Support governments, international institutions and stakeholders in project formulation, implementation and evaluation.

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