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Agriculture & agro-industry

Helping to deploy schemes to strengthen or develop the agricultural and agri-food sector

Meeting domestic needs, seizing international opportunities, taking account of environmental threats and the global regulatory context: today's challenges call on states to strengthen their production sectors in a number of ways

Global agriculture is constantly evolving, in line with market and consumer expectations on the one hand, and developing structural, agronomic and environmental innovations on the other, to improve efficiency, impact and cost.

The agricultural situation in developing countries varies, with traditional agriculture on the one hand, and off-farm, globalized production on the other. But whatever the area of production, organizations need to meet domestic needs, seize market opportunities, integrate environmental and climatic threats, and take account of the international regulatory environment.

Cayambe provides its customers with teams of recognized agronomists to help them take these issues into account and deploy measures to strengthen and develop the agricultural and agri-food sector. Gathered within dedicated teams, they are able to intervene in different fields: strategy, governance, operations, etc.

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