Human development


Improving the quality of education and training

Consolidating education and vocational training systems enables countries to create the conditions for social and economic development, and to strengthen citizenship

Today’s education creates tomorrow’s workers, civil society and elites. By strengthening national and local education systems, states not only improve overall educational attainment and access to employment, but also enhance their economic strength and sustainability. This gives them greater autonomy and a better chance of retaining tomorrow’s elite.

Cayambe’s teams of education experts work at the heart of human capital development policies, supporting education and training programs. The projects they support range from pre-school to higher education, and are based on research findings. Every day, Cayambe’s teams work to improve the quality of education and training, by providing high-level expertise and relying on strong values: humility, rigor and availability for our customers. Cayambe is able to intervene on three levels:

Education policy & governance


Conduct data collection and studies, to make the right decisions. Define and plan policies, with shared objectives and reliable performance indicators.

Implementing reforms


Design and implement institutional, material and human resources to ensure the dissemination of best practices at central and regional levels, in liaison with field players.



Support governments, international institutions and stakeholders in project formulation, implementation and evaluation.

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