Expert – marine pollution response (POLMAR)

A former member of the French Navy, our expert in marine pollution prevention and response has commanded numerous missions at sea in this field.


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  • Pollution control
  • Monitoring
  • Maritime regulations
  • Planning decontamination operations
  • Hydrocarbon detection technology


  • École Navale engineering diploma


  • Support for French staff in defining resources, selecting and purchasing materials and equipment, and training personnel in maritime pollution response.
  • Implementation of POLMAR policies in several states
  • Designing national exercises for these states


  • Officer in the French Navy for 30 years, including 3 years as commander of the French Navy’s Centre d’Expertises Pratiques de lutte antipollution (CEPPOL).
  • Responsible for monitoring maritime environmental regulations within a company
  • Consultant in POLMAR strategy, including the financial aspects required to develop these systems for the past 10 years

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