Helping organizations manage risk

Managing risk means taking into account its nature, level of control and internal control systems

Because of their size, their market or their product, organizations, private or public, are confronted with risk. For these structures, risk management means taking into account the nature of the risk (strategic, operational, human, financial, etc.), the level of control and internal monitoring systems.

At Cayambe, our teams of specialized experts support customers in risk management, with a pragmatic, operational approach. In particular, they are involved in risk analysis and the implementation of prevention, control and audit systems. They help you better control risk.

of risk


By analyzing and mapping the risks facing your organization, you gain a global, orderly vision that enables you to better analyze risk and take it into account in your trade-offs.



If risks are not properly managed, they can affect the durability and stability of your development. By supporting you in implementing risk control measures (technical, financial, environmental, etc.), our experts help you to reduce the risk factor and restore a good level of business continuity.

and governance


To gain stability and ensure business continuity, organizations need to integrate risk management into their operations and governance. Our experts can help you integrate risk management into the governance of your organization.

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