Human development


Definition of cultural strategies and policies, and implementation at national or local level

Cultural practices are a powerful lever enabling societies to progress

Culture is a source of energy and strength that can help societies evolve. Museums, living cultures, traditional practices or contemporary forms: cultural practices are a formidable lever enabling societies to progress by reappropriating the world, expressing their fears or dreams or defining new languages. At Cayambe, we believe that the development of states and territories cannot be achieved without the definition of ambitious cultural policies. As vehicles for intra- or intercultural dialogue and a desire to bring people together, cultural policies are effective instruments for instilling a new dynamic in the populations of developing countries. In addition, preserving and promoting our heritage, and supporting cultural initiatives and pluralism, are all assets for strengthening the cohesion of populations and enhancing the image of states at international level.

Cayambe’s team of cultural experts is well-versed in international systems, and assists territories and governments in defining cultural strategies and policies, and in implementing them at national and local level.

Cultural policies & governance


Plan, manage and control the organization’s cultural policies by defining objectives and performance indicators.

Implementation of cultural features


Design and implement the legal, human and operational instruments needed to roll out cultural policies at central and regional levels, in conjunction with local players.

Cultural project engineering


Support governments and local organizations in defining, implementing and evaluating cultural projects.

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