Protect & preserve

Anticipating and acting for a better
environmental protection

States and territories are taking a proactive approach to protecting and preserving ecosystems, a prerequisite for maintaining a high quality of life

The density of human activity and the lack of regulation of environmental impacts has led to a gradual deterioration in the environmental quality of our territories. Now that they are aware of the environmental issues at stake, and expected to achieve improvements, governments and local authorities are adopting a proactive approach to protection and preservation.

Protecting ecosystems and restoring the environmental quality of our territories requires a detailed analysis of the past and present impact of human activities, the actual level of degradation of ecosystems and their capacity for resilience. Based on these elements, the experts can then define a preservation strategy, in consultation with local stakeholders and populations. This will enable us to freeze the situation or define the areas of work needed to re-establish a good level of environmental quality (biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, etc.) without upsetting the economic equilibrium, which is sometimes weakened by other influencing factors (economic situation, tensions between populations, etc.).

Cayambe assists governments, local authorities and private organizations in defining environmental protection policies, implementing reforms and engineering dedicated projects. To achieve this, Cayambe calls on the best experts who are familiar with local economic systems and financing arrangements.

Environmental policy & governance


Manage, control and plan environmental policies on the basis of reliable performance indicators.

Implementing reforms


Design and implement the institutional, material and human resources needed to implement environmental measures at central and regional levels, in liaison with the stakeholders.



Support governments, international institutions and stakeholders in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of environmental projects.

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