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Consulting engineering: helping industries to decarbonize with hydrogen

Support industries by promoting the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source

Mastering the energy vectors of the future

The project

This project aims to support industries in their transition to more sustainable practices by promoting the use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier. Hydrogen offers promising possibilities for decarbonizing industrial sectors that emit greenhouse gases, such as the chemical industry, steel production, the oil and gas industry, and heavy transport.

Cayambe was hired for this project to support companies while safeguarding the efficiency and overall performance of their production processes.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • An expert in energy and hydrogen technology
  • A technical engineer specialized in hydrogen technologies
  • Two industry experts
  • An expert energy economist
  • An expert in hydrogen regulations and standards

The six-month project is led by a project manager and technically supervised by the Cayambe energy manager.

The actions

The team set up by Cayambe carried out the following actions:

  • Evaluate the specific needs of different industries in terms of decarbonization, identifying high-potential sectors for the use of hydrogen
  • Propose technical solutions for integrating hydrogen into existing industrial processes, taking into account the specific features of each sector
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of hydrogen among industrial players, and provide training to promote the safe and efficient use of this clean energy source