Expert – rehabilitation of industrial sites

Following an academic career combining a scientific passion for environmental issues and political science, this recognized expert in the fight against climate change and the challenges of rehabilitating industrial sites in the coal sector offers her experience in defining achievable strategic objectives in terms of decarbonization in public policy.


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  • Depollution
  • Environmental assessment
  • Regulations
  • Remediation
  • Sustainable rehabilitation
  • Industrial mining sites


  • Doctor of Environmental Sciences


  • Executing a rehabilitation plan for a former industrial chemical production site, encompassing toxic waste disposal and soil remediation
  • Designing and implementing the restoration of a previous mining site, which includes stabilizing spoil heaps, managing contaminated water, and undertaking reforestation efforts
  • Overseeing the rehabilitation of a former wastewater treatment facility, focusing on remediating contaminated soil, dismantling outdated structures, and preparing the site for residential redevelopment


  • >10 years’ experience in industrial site rehabilitation, particularly in the coal sector
  • Lecturer at American universities
  • Advising governments on the rehabilitation of mining sites

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