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Cayambe is a recognized specialist in natural resources and the extractive industry

The level of demand and the concentration of extraction zones entail major risks for public and private operators in the sector

As a major consumer of natural resources, the global economy, and in particular certain sectors of activity (IT, electronics, telecommunications, transport, energy, etc.), has significant and growing requirements in terms of natural resources. The level of demand on the one hand, and the concentration of extraction zones on the other, are likely to generate both risks and tensions on supply chains, as well as multiple pressures (security, environmental, geopolitical) on the states, territories or organizations in charge of these strategic resources.

With support in terms of strategy, CSR, public policy, digital and human resources, public and private organizations linked to the extractive industries are better able to tackle the issues that affect them. They can then strengthen their systems, secure their development or improve their overall impact: CSR policy, creation of training structures, due diligence, risk management, etc.

At Cayambe, our teams are made up of recognized specialists in the mining and extractive industries, who have long worked within organizations in this sector. With their in-depth knowledge of the issues at stake, they support customers on strategic, organizational, technical and human aspects.

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