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Environmental consulting: tightening environmental regulations

Technical support to strengthen environmental regulations in a country's mining and gas sector

Limiting the environmental and social impact of natural resource use

The project

With mining and gas activities expanding rapidly, one country wanted technical support to improve its environmental protection regulations. The aim of this mission is to provide a better framework for the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, and to limit the environmental and social impacts, particularly on farming activities on or near the sites concerned. This mission was supported by the World Bank.

Our experts

2 Cayambe experts were involved in this project:

  • An expert in environmental and social impact
  • An expert in environmental impact assessment and rehabilitation

The one-year project was carried out under the responsibility of a project management specialist.

The actions

In particular, the experts who carried out this mission proposed that the following points be incorporated into the regulations:

  • Principles of environmental licensing for mining activities
  • Environmental and social impact assessment guidelines
  • Definition and provisions concerning the suspension and cancellation of environmental licenses or authorizations due to non-compliance with requirements
  • Monetary or other types of fines that assure the government that mine closure and reclamation programs will be respected during and after the cessation of operations
  • Standards and limits imposed by international conventions and recommendations
  • Environmental management standards and guidelines for artisanal and small-scale mining
  • Specific standards for mine closure and procedures for dealing with irreversible impacts and liabilities
  • Specific guidelines for environmental monitoring, auditing and inspection of mining activities
  • Specific guidelines for environmental impact assessment (EIA) of mining activities
  • Social and rehabilitation plan