The Cayambe method

Our experts work with each organization to help it evolve its methods, objectives, software and businesses.


A disruptive approach to consulting

As organizations evolve to meet new global challenges, they encounter fresh strategic, financial, operational, and engineering issues. Similar to the revolutionary changes proposed for the internal combustion engine, which are transforming entire sectors, each organization must reevaluate its methods, objectives, and sometimes its software or business lines.

Cayambe, with its community of experts, all practitioners in the relevant sectors, assists organizations in this transformation. With our support, they can gain a clearer perspective and make more refined, faster decisions. This positions them better to outline and implement their future developments.

Because change is driven by the men and women who comprise organizations, Cayambe integrates a strong human dimension into its method. This enables us to provide the right support to organizational players and their stakeholders, helping tomorrow’s leaders emerge.


A central challenge: making a success of change

Our ecosystem is not extensible, and it’s vital. This is obvious to everyone. Resources are finite and we are accountable for our impact, with this central issue: we cannot and must not transfer the cost of our current footprint to future generations. The challenge facing us all is to make the change a success.

This constraint is an opportunity to reshape our organizations and redefine new ways of producing and developing. An innovative approach will enable us to achieve these new objectives, while guaranteeing the best possible compromise for human populations and the environment.

Thanks to the collective intelligence system that brings them together, the experts in the Cayambe community have the knowledge and know-how to support organizations through change and enable them to make a success of this transition.


Analyze future issues for organizations


Identify the best and most complementary expertise to solve your problems


Coordinate their implementation and ensure the quality of the necessary services


Identify action levers
most relevant


Acting with moderation and efficiency, in the service of women and men, and their organizations

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