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Strategy consulting: CSR policy for an industrial group

Technical assistance for the implementation of a social and environmental responsibility policy within an industrial group

Supporting a major industrial group in the development, governance and management of its CSR policy

The project

Cayambe was approached by an industrial company specializing in iron ore production. Employing more than 5,000 people and accounting for a significant share of its country’s GDP, this industrial group wanted support in improving its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments. Several Cayambe experts were selected by this organization to work for almost a year on strategy, governance and operational management.

Our experts

2 Cayambe experts were involved in this project:

  • A socio-economic expert
  • A Mining and Extractive Industries specialist

The 36-month project was managed by a project manager and the sector’s technical director.

The actions

During this mission, the Cayambe experts carried out the following actions:

  • Review of all CSR-related documents and actions carried out within the company
  • Sustainable development study in line with the organization’s strategy
  • Identification of target internal and external stakeholders
  • Raising awareness and training people involved in developing and managing CSR policy
  • CSR strategy definition and implementation
  • Drawing up a communication plan to support the deployment of the CSR strategy
  • Support and monitoring of deployment