Human development


Supporting strategic, operational and organizational projects for healthcare systems

Rapid access to healthcare systems and high-performance care are necessary to improve quality of life, strengthen the sustainability of territories and promote economic development

Maintaining a good level of health in states and communities is a fundamental prerequisite. Rapid, cost-effective access to healthcare systems supports a country’s structure and development: healthy societies learn better, improve their productivity, enjoy greater stability and preserve their economic development. But health issues are evolving, with the emergence of new diseases linked to new viruses, changing lifestyles and economic conditions. For countries with advanced healthcare systems, the challenges are more related to technological innovation, artificial intelligence or the treatment of diseases associated with old age. In developing countries, the issues concern more the organization of access to care and the training of caregivers.

In Europe and around the world Cayambe’s Healthcare teams support governments and healthcare organizations in strategic and operational projects, as well as in the organization of healthcare systems. These include the training of healthcare professionals, the organization of local and national healthcare systems, the improvement of practices and the implementation of quality systems.

Healthcare policies & governance


Conduct data collection and studies, to make the right decisions. Define and plan policies, with shared objectives and reliable performance indicators.

Implementing reforms


Design and implement the institutional, material and human resources needed to roll out healthcare reforms at central and regional levels, in conjunction with local players.



Support governments, international institutions and stakeholders in formulating, implementing and evaluating healthcare projects.

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