Expert – corporate and social responsibility (CSR)

A former CFO of numerous African mining groups, our expert also has extensive experience of the main strategic thrusts of corporate environmental and social responsibility policies. This recognized expert in transparency and international financial and CSR standards works with Cayambe teams on assignments for groups wishing to improve their practices in this area.


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  • CSR
  • Environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Communication
  • Environmental impact
  • Governance


  • Master in sustainable development
  • Graduate of a prestigious American school in the field of public governance


  • 20 years in mining in Africa
  • Implement more environmentally-friendly mining engineering to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a company’s overall ecological footprint
  • Consultancy to help a major industrial group implement its CSR strategy


  • Environmental and Natural Resources Project Manager
  • Head of CSR strategy for a company in the mining sector
  • Advising governments and companies on implementing CSR policies

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