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Water & waste

Structuring or reinforcing networks, supporting collection and treatment operations

For water, as for waste, the proper management of waste streams is a prerequisite for the economic development of regions

Water and waste management are key issues for governments. Properly managed, it improves living conditions and hygiene for the local population. Neglected, it can contribute to the emergence of diseases, reduces the economic performance of territories and reflects a degraded image internationally.

Installing or upgrading drinking water systems requires action on two levels. The first challenge is a technical one, involving the design, development and installation of systems that provide people and businesses with long-term, secure access to drinking water, and effective wastewater treatment solutions. Looking to the long term, the second challenge is more institutional, involving the design of regulatory, governance, training and transition mechanisms to enable governments and territories to set up their own water management systems.

Like water, waste management relies on a regulatory framework, efficient collection systems and sorting and recovery solutions. The reinforcement of existing systems is based in particular on regulatory changes and the optimization of collection and recycling systems. In the short term, technical support enables authorities to reinforce existing systems on an ad hoc basis or in specific areas. In the longer term, it may be appropriate to structuring sectors including both the training of people in waste-related professions and the reinforcement or creation of dedicated infrastructures to increase waste treatment capacity and quality.

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