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Helping organizations carry out complex projects

A company's development often depends on the success of its strategic projects. The quality of engineering for these projects is therefore fundamental

To ensure successful development and transition, organizations frequently have to implement strategic projects. These types of projects generally involve new technologies, industry, production or R&D. Due to a lack of in-house resources, it is worthwhile requesting engineering support. This provides specialized, dedicated resources devoted solely to solving the core problem.

Cayambe experts come from the field, with a wealth of successful experience in a wide range of fields, and are brought together according to their skills and experience in project teams dedicated to a particular company. They can thus analyze the problem and deploy an engineering force to identify and implement effective solutions.

industrial process


In mining, oil & gas and many other industrial sectors, the search for improvements in industrial productivity is a good tool for reinforcing and prolonging the profitability of production equipment. Our dedicated experts can help you identify and implement production opportunities.

Identifying development opportunities


To support their development, organizations need to identify market opportunities before deploying the offer and the infrastructure required to implement it. Experienced in the management and development of large international organizations, Cayambe’s experts can help you achieve your strategy.

Creation of a
logistics network


In certain regions, the establishment of industrial facilities is only viable if the logistics network is robust enough to accommodate production volumes. Our logistics experts, specializing in rail, port, and road transport, can assist you in the design and development of your logistics networks

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