Technical assistance

Helping organizations manage their projects

To carry out their industrial or development projects, organizations may need specific resources due to a lack of in-house skills or tight schedules

While undertaking their industrial or development projects, organizations may require specific resources to execute all or part of the actions, either due to a lack of in-house skills or tight schedules. Technical assistance for projects involves assigning a dedicated team to the project, ensuring adherence to the schedule and maintaining the quality of work.

Whatever the sector or type of project (design, R&D, industrialization, production, support functions), Cayambe builds multi-disciplinary teams of experts for each situation. Cayambe’s teams of experts are multi-disciplinary, bringing extensive experience and sector-specific knowledge to each project. Whether on-site or working remotely, Cayambe’s experts are dedicated to assisting you in the successful completion of all your operational projects.

Technical assistance on an industrial project


Industrial organizations (extractive industries, oil & gas, agri-food, etc.) frequently deploy internal or external projects aimed at improving productivity, launching new products, reducing costs or environmental impact. Thanks to Cayambe experts, you can benefit from high value-added support from our experts, to improve your responsiveness and performance.

Technical assistance on an education system


With a wealth of expertise in education and the development of educational programs, Cayambe experts can intervene in various countries, offering technical support to the respective states and territories. From the initial stages of a project to its operational deployment, Cayambe’s expert assistance accelerates project implementation while ensuring a high standard of quality.

Accompanying change


Faced with challenges from their employees, environment, customers, or investors, public and private organizations are increasingly required to enhance agility and embrace change. As specialists in change management, Cayambe’s experts are poised to assist you in the comprehensive execution of change management projects, spanning from conceptualization to the monitoring of results and performance indicators.

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