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Consulting engineering: revision of the national marine pollution response plan

Supporting a country involved in offshore exploration and production in revising its marine pollution response plan

Protecting the country's natural resources and coastline, preventing marine pollution accidents

The project

Many countries are involved in offshore exploration and production. But the intensification of maritime traffic in the areas concerned increases the risk of accidental water pollution. Cayambe was hired to help one of these countries revise its maritime pollution control plan. This mission was based on fieldwork and meetings with local and national, public and private stakeholders. Following this review, a major national simulation exercise was carried out to assess the effectiveness of the system in real-life conditions.

Our experts

4 Cayambe experts were involved in this project:

  • An expert in marine and coastal pollution response plans
  • An expert in marine and coastal pollution response resources
  • An expert in maritime law
  • An expert in marine ecosystems and the petroleum environment

The 6-month project was carried out under the responsibility of a project manager and the sector’s technical manager.

The actions

As part of this mission, Cayambe’s experts worked on the following points:

  • Analysis of the existing POLMAR plan
  • Revision of the POLMAR plan, focusing on its main areas: threat analysis, environmental sensitivity maps, organization of the alert plan and supporting documentation, emergency coordination, operational organization of response, etc.
  • Implementation of a national exercise involving a crisis unit and a Coast Guard operational unit
  • Drawing up a five-year plan to monitor and assess needs in terms of control equipment