Water & waste

Pre-feasibility study: wastewater management in urban and peri-urban centers

The project aims to improve sanitation by implementing specific actions

Serving the sanitation community

The project

The project aims to improve sanitation by carrying out analyses, assessments and concrete actions to extend infrastructure, formulate implementation concepts and build institutional capacity in the sanitation field.

It comprises several key tasks. Firstly, an in-depth analysis of existing studies and reports was carried out to gather information on sanitation in the study area. This was followed by an on-site assessment of the sanitation infrastructure. At the same time, implementation concepts are being formulated for extending the sewage network, building sewage sludge treatment plants and developing sanitation solutions. Finally, the institutional capacities of stakeholders are assessed, as well as regulatory considerations relating to sanitation.

Our experts

The following team is involved in this project:

  • An expert in water sanitation and waste management
  • A socio-economic expert
  • A socio-environmental expert

The project is carried out over a 3-month period by a project manager and a domain technical director.

The actions

The actions to be carried out as part of the project are as follows:

  • Methodically identify all work already completed
  • Implement a sound methodological approach and rigorous mission management to ensure effective task allocation and coordination
  • Receive all relevant documentation and advice from technical departments to save time and work more efficiently in drafting the overall presentation of the water sanitation sector.
  • Preparing a secure database
  • Provide decision support from the outset of the project regarding the priorities for analyzing the devices, adapting the methodology accordingly