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Consulting engineering: production and well performance

Field studies to optimize extraction processes, control operating risks and increase production

Produce better: optimize processes and secure operations

The project

The project consists of a production process optimization mission for an international production company in the hydrocarbons sector. Key tasks include securing operations, reviewing process configuration and bottlenecks, reviewing well parameters, and identifying limitations and possible optimizations. The final report will include a production development matrix, a proposed training plan, estimated production gain curves, and an optimized risk management matrix.

Cayambe was selected for this project and has improved the overall efficiency and performance of the production process.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • Two O&G production supervisors
  • A Production Process Engineer

The 2-year project is led by a project manager and technically supervised by the Cayambe O&G Manager.

The actions

The team set up by Cayambe carried out the following actions:

  • Detailed analysis of the current configuration of the production process to identify critical points that hamper its efficiency
  • Comprehensive review of operated well parameters to understand individual well performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Examine the technical limitations and operational constraints of the production process, while identifying opportunities for optimizing mechanical units and equipment