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Technical, financial, environmental and social audit: valuation of state-owned mining assets

Carry out comprehensive due diligence on a country's mining assets to enable it to make the right decisions

Support a state in its economic and strategic choices, to enhance the value of its heritage and natural resources

The project

The mission is to provide legal, financial and technical advice to facilitate access to the exploitation of deposits, state assets, to support the promotion of mineral anomalies and deposits known to promote initiatives to diversify mining production and the economic inclusion of the mining sector.

CAYAMBE’s intervention is in response to the request for technical assistance formulated by the Ministry of Mines and Quarries, and aims to meet the public administration’s need for the best possible management methods for the State’s active mining projects.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • A legal expert
  • Two geological experts
  • An expert in mining
  • A financial expert
  • A logistics expert

This assessment, which took over a year to complete, required the support of a project manager and the Cayambe mining sector technical manager.

The actions

The following aspects were covered:

  • Provide legal, financial, technical and economic advice to the public administration for the development of a licensing policy for the known assets and anomalies available to the State.
  • Carry out a technical-economic study of three projects to grant state-owned assets and known anomalies
  • Explore the various options for managing three mining projects in order to guide the authority in choosing the best option for exploiting the deposits
  • Draw up specifications for the chosen option, integrating aspects relating to operations and infrastructure (roads, railroads, ports, equipment, etc.)
  • Strengthen the ability of public players to adapt and anticipate, through a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties associated with the mining industry’s value chain
  • Improving good governance in the mining sector through effective monitoring of mining projects