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Final evaluation of the project: specific school buildings for UNRWA

Replacement of schools leased by UNRWA in Jordan with suitable school buildings to improve education for Palestinian refugees

Provide Palestinian refugees in Jordan with a quality, safe and inclusive education by replacing UNRWA-rented schools with specially designed school buildings

The project

The project involves replacing schools leased by UNRWA in Jordan with purpose-built school buildings to improve the safety, inclusion, quality and efficiency of education for Palestinian refugees. UNRWA offers basic education in line with the Jordanian curriculum, while integrating complementary content in line with United Nations values.

Our experts

3 Cayambe trainers were involved in this project:

  • Expert valuation
  • Education expert
  • Expert in architecture and school spaces

The 4-month project was carried out under the responsibility of a project manager and the Director of Infrastructures and Civil Engineering.

The actions

The final evaluation conducted by CAYAMBE aims to analyze the school environment, including architectural design, and the implications for learning content. It assesses the factors that have helped or hindered progress, and formulates conclusions and recommendations for improved intervention and implementation. The assessment is based on :

  • key documents
  • previous technical and progress reports
  • consultations and on-site interviews with the stakeholders concerned