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Consulting engineering: building a reference naval infrastructure

Development and implementation of a robust naval infrastructure to protect a floating LNG terminal

Ensuring operational safety in the LNG industry

The project

This project aims to develop a reference naval infrastructure to protect a floating LNG terminal. The project not only focuses on construction and engineering aspects, but also encompasses key areas such as maritime safety, risk analysis, environmental management, and port economics, which have a direct or indirect impact on the protection of the LNG terminal. The aim is to develop and implement integrated policies and programs to ensure terminal safety and improve operational efficiency.

Cayambe was commissioned for this project to support the port authorities and the LNG terminal operator.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • 1 shipbuilding expert, specialized in LNG terminals
  • 1 maritime safety expert
  • 1 expert in port economics
  • 1 environmental management expert

The project was carried out over six months by a project manager and technically supervised by the Cayambe Infrastructure & Civil Engineering Manager.

The actions

The team set up by Cayambe carried out the following actions:

  • Assess factors influencing the safety and efficiency of the LNG terminal, such as existing marine infrastructure, safety risks, environmental and economic impacts
  • Facilitate collaboration between port authorities, LNG terminal operators, government agencies and industry players to develop integrated policies and action plans.
  • Implement monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to measure the impact of interventions on the safety and efficiency of the LNG terminal, using relevant indicators.