Technical assistance: global development project for the French Ministry of Education

Support the Ministry of Education of the Union of the Comoros to raise the quality of its education system

CAYAMBE's total involvement at the heart of the ministry for the success of its various commitments

The project

The Bundo la Malezi program aims to promote access to quality education for Comorian youth, with a view to facilitating their eventual economic and social integration.

Cayambe has been commissioned to provide technical support to the Ministry’s staff in implementing this program and the resulting projects to achieve the Ministry’s ambitious objectives.

Our experts

3 Cayambe experts were involved in this support:

  • An expert specialized in technical support for this type of program
  • An expert in basic education and teacher training
  • An expert specializing in procurement, accounting and administration

The 3-year project was managed by the project manager. He also had the opportunity to train senior executives in good project management practices. This mission was technically supervised by CAYAMBE’s Director of Education, in particular for the implementation of innovative systems and the overall coherence of the program.

The actions

The technical assistance provided a range of support with the objectives of equity, school retention, learning and good school management, and in particular :

  • Training agents (from secretariats to teachers to senior ministry staff)
  • Support and strengthen the capacities of MEN structures in the programming, implementation and monitoring of the various project activities (procedure manual, operational and fiduciary risks, effective reporting, deadlines)
  • Provide expert advice on project themes (initial and in-service teacher training, science teaching, assessment of pupil learning and examination systems, system management and citizen participation)
  • Reinforce the commitment of MEN structures and decentralized services to the project, and their empowerment
  • Initiate skills enhancement and curriculum review projects/implement related reforms by defining their specifications and related tendering procedures
  • Support the sharing and capitalization of similar national and external experiences (benchmark)