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Evaluation: early childhood public policies

Evaluation of all early childhood development programs

Cross-functional analysis of a country's policy on early childhood, a major social development issue

The project

This evaluation focuses on early childhood development programs with the aim of improving programs and processes, as well as identifying obstacles to an integrated early childhood policy.

The recommendations drawn from this assessment will be shared with national authorities to promote a cross-sectoral vision of early childhood development.

Our experts

The team set up by Cayambe included the following specialists:

  • A valuation expert
  • An expert in quantitative analysis
  • An expert in qualitative analysis
  • An early childhood health expert
  • An expert in national solidarity and public services
  • An expert in educational systems

The project was carried out over 10 months by a project manager.

The actions

The following actions were carried out by the mobilized team:

  • Review existing programs
  • Identify the obstacles and reasons for the failure to complete the draft integrated national strategy for early childhood development.
  • Making recommendations
  • Present a full report to national authorities and stakeholders