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Evaluation: activities of the “Gender at the Centre” initiative

This formative evaluation aims to assess achievements, draw lessons and make recommendations on this key educational issue

Unleashing the power of learning, forging a sustainable future for girls and boys

The project

Gender at the Centre (GCI) is an initiative developed and launched by the G7 Ministries of Education and Development in collaboration with multilateral and civil society organizations committed to promoting gender equality in and through education. GCI supports the leadership of ministries of education and other national actors with an approach rooted in gender-responsive education sector planning (GRESP), addressing gender equality holistically but not narrowing its scope to gender parity in education.

The aim of the formative evaluation is to assess GCI’s achievements and lessons learned, to provide recommendations to the UNGEI/IIEP coordination, the CGI Alliance, national focal points and other members on how GCI could adapt and strengthen its structure, processes, systems and strategy to have the greatest possible impact on improving gender-sensitive education.

Our experts

The following experts were called in:

  • A valuation expert
  • An expert in gender issues

The project was carried out over 3 months by a project manager supported by the Education Director.

The actions

The following actions were carried out:

  • Analysis of the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of GCI activities
  • Adoption of a facilitated learning approach, focusing on primary data collection
  • Provision of information, participative processes and tools for key GCI players to make strategic decisions about learning and organizational growth
  • Establish mechanisms for collecting results to assess the impact of GCI actions
  • Strengthening existing organizational learning within GCI to improve overall performance
  • Implementation of specific measures to promote learning and organizational growth