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Strategy consulting: designing a territory’s service offering

Cayambe has been commissioned by the French government to produce a service offer for public and private operators in a French territory, aimed at companies involved in an offshore exploration/exploitation project

Identify the needs of regional economic operators and adapt a region's offer

The project

In certain regions of the world, offshore exploration and production generate significant needs in terms of technical assistance, logistics, construction and health services. In the context of offshore projects in West Africa, the French government commissioned Cayambe to identify the needs of the companies involved in these projects, and at the same time to evaluate the services available in nearby French territories.

Our experts

6 international experts specializing in offshore project development, logistics, maritime transport and the development of public health and education services took part in this 7-month mission, led by a project manager.

The actions

The Cayambe experts assigned to this project drew up a list of services offered in the area by public and private operators, particularly in the following areas:

  • Logistics, air and sea transport
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Personal services (hotels, accommodation, tourism, catering)
  • Administrative services
  • Industry and maintenance
  • Local engineering

On the specific issue of health, Cayambe’s experts carried out a detailed assessment of the healthcare services and emergency medical facilities available in the region (cardiology, traumatology, surgery, etc.). The development of services for in-demand companies has led to some interesting prospects. Suggestions for improving and strengthening institutions were also put forward to encourage the outsourcing of services in the territory in the future.