Training: implementing a program in the cultural sector

Deployment of an equestrian training program as part of an overall project to develop tourism around a historic site

Improve the employability of local players by training them in equestrian professions for a historic site

The project

To develop tourism at a historic site in the Middle East, the emphasis was placed on equestrian tourism by creating the necessary skills locally. Cayambe was commissioned to coordinate and set up a training program dedicated to local players, drawing on internationally recognized expertise in the field.

Our experts

Several trainers were involved in this project coordinated by Cayambe:

  • A farrier trainer
  • A stable manager trainer (stable groom)
  • An equestrian tourism trainer

The 3-month project was carried out under the responsibility of a project management specialist.

The actions

To ensure the success of this project, which will have a major impact on local employment, CAYAMBE has defined the plans, manuals and implementation of the following training courses:

  • A farrier training course to train future trainers in the farrier profession
  • An equestrian tourist guide course to train future equestrian tourist guides
  • International stable management training (groom écurie) to identify and train future groom trainers

Following these training sessions, recommendations were made to the customer to make the equestrian sector a major economic driver for the region.