Transport & telecom

Strategy consulting: prospective study on the profitability of a rail network

Carrying out a study to assess the economic potential of opening a new rail line, in particular with regard to the mining and transportation of heavy ores

This study provided the customer with a comprehensive overview of the potential of opening a new railroad line, and enabled us to draw up a medium- and long-term strategy based on concrete criteria

The project

In certain areas with little rail transport, the development of new lines is a major economic and social challenge, not least because it encourages the emergence of industrial projects with numerous local spin-offs.
Cayambe was commissioned to analyze the potential for transport flows linked to the development of a new rail line, and thus measure the project’s level of profitability. The study focused in particular on the development of extractive industries and the processing and marketing of certain heavy minerals.
The study provided the client with an insight into the development potential induced by the opening of new rail lines and the associated leverage effects.

Our experts

4 Cayambe experts were involved in this project:

  • A mining economist
  • A geologist
  • A financial analyst
  • A logistician specializing in mineral transport

The one-month project was managed by a project manager and technically supervised by the sector manager.

The actions

As part of the mission, Cayambe experts carried out the following actions:

  • Structuring an information database
  • Strategic information gathering
  • Data mining and analysis
  • A detailed prospective study covering 6 countries:
    • Production volumes and project classification – Geological reserve estimates
    • Input/output analysis of existing and potential deposits
    • Prospective study of the strategic minerals market
    • Competitive analysis