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Strategy consulting: optimizing telecom networks

Propose solutions to improve telecoms resources by upgrading infrastructures, deploying appropriate technologies and strengthening local skills

Optimizing the economic engine of telecommunications

The project

The aim of this project is to improve and optimize telecommunications resources in a number of countries. Access to efficient, reliable telecoms infrastructures is essential to foster socio-economic development and reduce the digital divide. This project will focus on identifying existing gaps, deploying appropriate technologies and improving telecoms services in underserved areas. The ultimate aim is to strengthen connectivity, promote digital inclusion and support the overall development of these countries.

Cayambe was commissioned to carry out this project, thereby improving the overall efficiency and performance of the telecommunications sector.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • Two telecom experts
  • A network and telecommunications engineer
  • An expert in information technology
  • An expert in telecom standards and regulations


The project is run over 2 years by a project manager and technically supervised by the Cayambe Telecommunications Manager.

The actions

The team set up by Cayambe carried out the following actions:

  • In-depth assessment of telecommunication needs in developing countries, taking into account rural areas and underserved communities
  • Development of plans to improve existing telecoms infrastructures, including the expansion of cell phone networks, the installation of relay towers and the improvement of broadband connectivity.
  • Identification of technologies adapted to the realities of developing countries, such as low-cost wireless networks, satellite technologies and broadband Internet access solutions.
  • Technical training for local telecom professionals to enhance skills and infrastructure maintenance