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Production of an airline training plan

Cayambe worked with an airline to identify skills gaps in relation to future needs, and to propose an adjustment action plan accordingly

Analyze the match between positions and profiles, to determine which skills need to be strengthened as part of the company's development

The project

To support the development of organizations, it is sometimes necessary to analyze the match between positions and the profiles of all personnel, to determine which skills need to be strengthened. This is the mission Cayambe is carrying out for a national airline, with a view to ensuring better development for this company

Our experts

4 international experts were involved in this project:

  • A management expert
  • An expert in business law
  • An expert in airline management
  • An expert in forward-looking management of jobs and skills

The 6-month project was led by a project manager and technically supervised by the sector manager.

The actions

As part of this project, Cayambe experts carried out the following assignments:

  • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on available resources in terms of jobs, headcount and skills
  • Explore future needs in terms of jobs, staff and skills, and identify a strategic target
  • Identification and analysis of qualitative and quantitative discrepancies
  • Definition of an adjustment action plan covering all HRM actions
  • Identify gaps in all HRM actions and propose a corrective action plan in terms of recruitment, assignment, mobility, training, redeployment, coaching, etc.