Consulting engineering: supporting private investment in geothermal energy

Propose a reference framework to encourage the development of geothermal energy, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Optimizing the share of green energies in the energy mix: the case of geothermal energy

The project

The aim of the “Geothermal Energy” project was to identify innovative solutions for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using geothermal energy resources.

The aim was to help the government assess this issue and develop public-private partnerships to acquire the infrastructure needed to make better use of geothermal energy, both environmentally and economically, as an alternative source of energy in the country.

Cayambe was engaged to create opportunities for this sector, by carrying out a precise inventory of geothermal resources, categorizing the inventory of potential deposits, and providing a strategic review to enable the future development of investment projects.

Our experts

The following experts took the floor:

  • A specialist in geothermal project development studies
  • An expert in air emissions
  • Two engineers specializing in the production of this type of energy

The project was carried out over two months by a project manager, an engineer by training, accompanied by the Extractive Industries Technical Manager.

The actions

The following actions were carried out by our team:

  • Needs mapping
  • Analysis of the maturity and potential of identified projects
  • Identifying potential investors
  • Initial costing of future projects