Agriculture & agro-industry

Capacity building: support for the development of agronomy

Building capacity, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, integrating innovative technologies and contributing to the development of favorable agricultural policies

The future through agronomy: cultivating our potential sustainably

The project

This project aims to support the development of agronomy capabilities at national level. Agronomy plays a crucial role in improving agricultural productivity, sustainable land management, food security and rural development. The project will include activities such as training and capacity-building for agronomy professionals, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, integrating innovative agricultural technologies and sharing knowledge to boost agricultural development and contribute to the country’s economic prosperity.

Our experts

The following team was mobilized:

  • An expert in agriculture and agronomy
  • A specialist in natural resource management
  • An expert in agricultural technologies
  • An agricultural economist
  • A specialist in agricultural policies

The project is run over 2 years by a project manager and technically supervised by the Cayambe Agriculture/Agronomy Manager.

The actions

The team set up by Cayambe carried out the following actions:

  • Provide specialized training to agronomists and agricultural professionals to improve their technical skills, farm management knowledge and decision-making abilities
  • Raise awareness of sustainable agricultural practices such as integrated crop management, soil conservation, efficient irrigation, integrated pest management and rational use of agricultural inputs
  • Facilitate the adoption of innovative agricultural technologies, such as precision farming systems, hydroponic techniques, the use of plant biotechnologies and agroforestry practices
  • Contribute to the development of agricultural policies favorable to the profession of agronomy, agricultural research and the promotion of sustainable agriculture, in collaboration with stakeholders and political decision-makers