Public governance

Capacity building: governance of the oil and gas sector

Capacity building for public administration and regulatory oversight of the oil sector for effective resource management

Strengthen environmental, technical and financial monitoring capabilities for exemplary governance of the hydrocarbon sector

The project

The objective of this mission is to provide consulting, technical support and training services to strengthen the government’s capacity in public administration and regulatory oversight of the oil sector.
The project aims to improve the country’s ability to exercise its technical, financial and commercial oversight functions in the oil sector, guaranteeing efficient resource management and ensuring that oil activities comply with current regulations.

Our experts

Cayambe experts were involved in this project:

  • Specialized experts in oil industry supervision and regulation
  • Technical experts specializing in public administration, natural resource management and sectoral regulations

The project was carried out under the responsibility of a project manager and with the assistance of the Extractive Industries Technical Director.

The actions

To carry out this mission, Cayambe experts contributed to :

  • Evaluate the supervision and regulation of the oil sector, identifying the current and future needs of the public administration
  • Identify existing gaps and medium-term needs to strengthen regulatory oversight capabilities
  • Draw up a detailed action plan and support the government in setting up appropriate structures and procedures
  • Design a modern data management system and facilitate the collection and analysis of petroleum information
  • Assist the government in its regulatory functions, such as evaluating drilling programs and verifying compliance with international standards
  • Provide technical advice, support interactions with oil operators and analyze their responses to government requests